Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tiger's putting, part 2

Allright, now that I've come clean about my temporary violation against golf's good will, let's take a look at how Tiger did putt today. Fair warning that I have not watched today's broadcast, so I haven't seen any actual footage. This is based on statistics from's very cool "ShotTracker" application. I will ignore the crazy long putts, and the easy short ones. Let's see how he did inbetween, which is really where most tournaments are decided: 3 - Made four-footer. 5 - Made six-footer. 6 - Missed 18-footer. 7 - Missed 19-footer. 8 - Made five-footer. 9 - Made 13-footer. 11 - Made eight-footer. 12 - Made six-footer. 13 - Made 16-footer. 14 - Made 7-footer. 16 - Missed 17-footer. 17 - Missed 14-footer. 18 - Missed 15-footer. Basically, he made everything from 13 feet and under. I think that's pretty damned good for anyone. He was 2 for 7 in the 14 to 19 foot range. I will have to read up a bit on my statistics, but I think that this is reasonable even for a top-flight pro. Based on Tony's comments, it seems the Driver was a much bigger problem than the putter. To be continued ...

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