Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ramblings from the Rough

I was encouraged by Michelle Wie's comments after last week's tournament. She's clearly focusing on the positive, and not burying herself in "Oh no, here I go again" self pity. Headline not seen after the AT&T was shortened due to rain: "Wet Johnson". I was putting quietly on the putting green a few days ago, and some loudmouth I don't know from Adam approached and started giving me tips. WTF? Shoot me if I'm ever "that guy". I'm a week and a half from starting to hit full swings again. Can't wait. Writers are jumping all over themselves to figure out what's wrong with the AT&T: It's at the wrong time of the year, they need to get rid of Bill Murray, they need to include Cypress Point again, etc. September would be a much better time to go to Northern California. Bill Murray is no better or worse than anyone else in the pro-am. Cypress is gorgeous, but based on analysis I've seen it's not very challenging for pros these days. I'm really rooting for "Hockey" Hoffman to win one this year. I have absolutely nothing to add to the Tiger watch that's running rampant in the presses. I'll be thrilled to watch him again, but until then I'll watch whoever's out there. I'm promoting the use of the word "Spinach" as slang for high rough. Usage: "I sliced it into the spinach." No copyright payments necessary. M*A*S*H may not be a "golf movie" per se, but it does have some very memorable golf related scenes. Since the first time I saw the movie I've never watched the TV show again. I'm working on a Masters Martini. The first take was Vodka, Peach Schnapps, and Midori. It was very green, tasted mostly peachy (for Georgia), and I decorated it with a slice of a peach. Quite tasty, and sweet. Chicks will dig it. I will experiment with other green liquors, and further reports will be forthcoming soon.

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