Monday, June 21, 2010

US Open thoughts

Big props to Greame McDowell for his glorious victory in the US Open at Pebble Beach. Put your name right there next to Nicklaus, Watson, and Woods. You've earned it.
(most excellent photo by Robert Matre ...
The USGA is probably happy with a winner who didn't lose as much against par as his competitors. I can respect that. I can respect it, but I sure don't like it. I prefer the roars of Augusta to the groans of the US Open. Now, I don't want them shooting -25 to win the thing, but I do want the course to hit the kind of a balance where a hot player can shoot -5 on the back nine on Sunday to make a run for it. There are a lot of more senior golfers than Greame that are kicking themselves after this tournament, as it truly was ripe for the picking. Phil. No check. Tiger. No check. Ernie. No check. Maybe the course just didn't allow for a run, but there were plenty of clean opportunities that went wasted as well. It's not ALL on the course. That 14:th hole is bullshit. I know you like hearing that too, you sick bastards. I know everybody has to play it just the same as everybody else, but for crying out loud; let's give these guys a chance to shine, won't you? Two players shot 66s in this tournament. They're the two highest ranked golfers in the world. Coincidence? I dont' think so. For one, I'm too old to believe in coincidences. Secondly, Phil and Tiger just showed what can be done when they're hot. They are a head above everybody else. Writers are saying this may have been one of the last shots for Ernie, but they're predicting a long and glorious future for Phil. They're both 40. Let's face it, we have NO idea how their future is going to fare. Right now I'd pick Tiger above either of them at St. Andrews. I feel for DJ. He will need a large dose of confidence to rebound from this experience. If he keeps going back to this week he may never contend in another tournament ever again. Kucher's 68 was very nice, but he had nowhere near the pressure of the final groups. We saw what it did to Glover and Barnes last year. I know Lucas came around to win it, but after 9 holes it sure didn't look like he was going to. My GOD does that course look fabulous. I guess it's $495, and you don't even need to stay in the Lodge in order to play any more. I've already made requests for my 50:th birthday. Having said that, it looked a bit rough over the weekend. At times it was very difficult to discern the hole from the splotchy patches on the green. It didn't help that the broadcast was less than stellar. I felt like they focused on the wrong thing at the wrong time too much, and they wound up missing some of the action. Luckily Miller put his foot in his mouth again, so that's all everybody is talking about.

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