Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oliver Wilson Q&A

Oliver Wilson is a four-year pro from England who's currently number 41 in the World Golf Ranking. In 2008 he earned the dubious honor of becoming the first player ever chosen for a Ryder Cup team without a professional victory under his belt. He finished 7:th in the European Order of Merit in 2009, still without a victory.
Oliver was stuck in an airplane on Heathrow on his way to Dubai. While he waited for the de-icing to kick in he launched an informal Q&A with his Twitter followers. Here are a few of the answers:
Q: Who's your best mate on tour?
A: Jamie Elson
Q: Are you playing here in the US. If so, what events?
A: I'll be over in February. I'm playing WGC Matchplay, Doral, Masters, Players.
Q: What is your favorite club?
A: My "Heaven Wood", the best utility club I've used. Had it for a few years.
Q: Are you sad there's only one competition in England on the European Tour?
A: Very much so! They will be back soon, though.
Q: Draw or fade?
A: Fade, all day long.
Q: Any good rookies to look out for on tour this year?
A: Sam Hutsby. Jamie Elson too, although not strictly a rookie.
Q: What's your favorite golf course in England?
A: Notts Hollinwell GC
Q: Who do you think will be the world number 1 this year?
A: Absolutely no question: Tiger Woods
Q: Who do current British players consider to be the greatest British golfer of all time?
A: Nick Faldo
Q: What's the best show you've played as a pro?
A: Driver off the deck at Gleneagles to seal my place on the Ryder Cup team in 2008.

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