Friday, January 22, 2010

The Joy Of A Two-Inch Pencil

This morning I wore a fleece vest I haven't worn a lot recently. As I headed out the door I put my keys in the pocket, and I found a short little scorecard pencil in the pocket. I smiled. I played GOLF the last time I wore this vest. Friggin' Sweet.
It was the last time I played the Haney 9-holer with my buddy. Walked 18 holes in 3 hours. Played poorly, but had a great time. Went on to the bar to watch the football games over a burger and a couple of beers.
You know you're onto something special when even little reminders like this can change your mood in an instant.
Maybe it's finding a scorecard in a stack of papers you clean up. Can you ever throw it away without first checking how you played that day? Maybe it's finding a tee under your seat in the car. Don't you always put it between your fingers as if you were placing a ball into the ground? Maybe it's hearing someone at work talk about a course you've played before. Do you not think back to the last time you were there?
I'm leaving this pencil in here. Who knows when next I'll need a surprise. My day is getting better already.

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