Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bridgestone Ball Chat

I decided to go about finding a lower price ball to be my standard ball rather than the tour-level V1 and 330 permutations I've been abusing over the last year or two. I decided to give Bridgestone's online ball fitting a try. Big surprise, it came up with the most expensive ball they make. So I poked around to see if there was any further information about which of their e-series balls, (at the lower price point) might be a good fit for me, but there was none. Then I noticed their site offering to chat real time with a representative. Having used these types of services before, I was sceptical but I gave it a shot. Lo and behold, I got a very prompt response, and got to have a very in-depth conversation with a staffer who clearly knows quite a bit about what makes golf balls behave a certain way and about their products specifically. "Seamless Jim" was friendly and funny (meaning he got my obscure references), and he got me exactly the information I wanted. He even answered my generic questions about ball terminology.
(No, you won't get to chat with Adrienne Ferreira on the Bridgestone site. I just know I won't find a better excuse to include a picture of the letter-reading hottie from their commercials in my blog)
At the end of the conversation the site offered to send me a transcript of the chat to my email box for my records, which is a nice service.
I highly recommend you give this service a shot if you'd like to have a candid conversation about ball technology. It's like having a product specialst at your beck and call.
Keep'em in the short stuff.
P.S. Do NOT Google "Ball" and "Chat". There's really no telling what kind of a site you'll land on.

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  1. I too was recently shocked by how many golf ball manufacturers have great sites site up in order to help you find a better ball. I haven't tried the actual chat with Bridgestone but I have used a few of the golf ball selectors to try and help me. Glad to hear there was actually someone there to chat with and they know what there doing, thanks