Thursday, September 17, 2009

Golf clothing for all climates

There's no shortage of good looking and functional golf clothing on the market, but for most part it's very homogenous looking, and oftentimes quite pricey. I've started going in a different direction, and that is the general outdoors companies that cater to hikers, campers, skiers, etc. I have found that these companies offer good looking and high quality clothing for considerably less than most golf wear. For the record I have two distinct factors that play into my clothing selections: 1) I live in Dallas, TX, where it's very hot for a very long time every summer. 2) I'm 6ft7 tall. Eddie Bauer sold a fantastic breathable zippered polo shirt last summer. I bought one, and liked it so much I bought four more in different colors. They were only $30 a piece, and they're very lightweight and comfortable even in very hot weather. It's what I'm wearing in the OU - Texas picture a few blogs back. I have several pairs of shorts from Columbia, and they're all good. I'm particularly fond of their Titanium fabric, which is very lightweight and strong. I think the people at Columbia are closet golfers. Their commercials are all about climbing Pike's Peak, skiing the Vasa Race, or hiking the Appalachian Trail all the way to the Buenos Aires trailhead. Not a golf ball in sight in any of their catalogs. But in all their shorts there's a small hidden pocket inside the front pocket, which just happens to conveniently fit a golf ball in it. Coincidence? I think NOT. For headwear I also have sizemic challenges, as I carry around a size 8 noggin. REI is my source for all sorts of headgear, from bucket hats to wicking ballcaps to visors with sweatbands. While it doesn't apply much in Dallas, all these companies also make comfortable and breathable clothing that's intended to allow you to keep moving around even in considerably cooler temperatures. If I could only get Keen to start making golf shoes I'd be all set. Either way it's good to know when you have to go on a 50 yard hike into the rough to look for your ball that at least you have the right gear on.

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