Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thanks a LOT GolfChannel

Most golf fans are happy to have John Daly back on the tour in somewhat regular fashion. He's played well for stretches here and there, and by all accounts he's stayed on the straight and narrow. He's obviously wearing fabulous pants. I thought it funny a few months ago when he was playing in Europe and wore raingear over his pants. Big headlines: "JOHN DALY WEARS BLACK PANTS". So that's all well and fine. Why oh why does GolfChannel now have to shine an even brighter spotlight on this guy? He's trying to play it straight, inside the ropes as well as outside. The last thing he needs is some bogus pseudo-reality show around all the time. Do you think they really want to see his boring life, or are they there because there could be a train-wreck at any given moment? I think it's asking for trouble, and the fallout could be disastrous. At best it's irresponsible journalism, and at worst it's manipulative and self-centered. Meanwhile, nobody's asked me to come up with names for his show, but here are a couple of options off the cuff:
  • Daly Show
  • Old No. 7 at 8 (Eastern, 7 Central)
  • Happy Hour with JD
  • JD and Diet
  • The Loudmouth Speaks
  • The John
  • The Round Mound of Career Rebound

I'm sure there are others ...

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